How to Clean a Best Meat Grinder

Like all home tools, a meat grinder requires proper cleaning and maintenance so as to keep it operating at its optimum level. Like all other kitchen tools, a meat grinder is used in food preparation thus the cleaning method you use to clean and maintain it must be able to keep the grinder free from rust, bacteria and grease. Here are some vital tips on how to clean the best meat grinder.

How to clean a best meat grinder reviews

Tips on How to Clean the Best Meat Grinder

1. Disassemble Before Washing

To ensure you clean the meat grinder effectively, it is important that you disassemble it first. A grinder is made up of several parts such as the hopper, blade, plate, cover, screw and pusher. Separate all these parts before washing to ensure that you are able to scrub even the finer parts of the grinder. This will be important in eliminating bacteria and dirt that maybe hiding in the joints or in the inner recesses. There are however, some grinders which are not fully disassembled. This makes it impossible to wash it fully. Avoid buying such grinders as they are difficult to maintain.

2. Hand Wash

Do not clean your meat grinder in a dish washer. A dish washer may harm the grinder by ruining the blade by causing an etching effect on its metallic parts. The grinder may also crack due to heat emitted by the dish washer.
Clean the grinder using hot water and soap. You can use a delicate brush or a mild sponge. You can as well add some two cups of vinegar as vinegar is good in degreasing as well as killing germs due to its acidic properties. Be careful when cleaning the blade to avoid injury. Dry the cleaned parts separately until they are completely dry to avoid rust.

3. Proper Storage

There are two ways of storing the best meat grinder in the best way possible to avoid rust. One, rub some food grade mineral oil onto the inside and outside of the grinder, and store the grinder in dry conditions. Two, you can store the grinder in a freezer. Storing it in the freezer keeps it free from rust and bacteria.

4. Maintain Sharp Blades

Since the blades require constant attention, it is important to ensure that they don’t get blunt. Check the blades regularly to ensure they are sharp. Dull blades will smear meat and this will damage your meat grinder. When blunt, sharpen them to ensure they work properly.


You can only make your grinder the beast meat grinder by using it and cleaning it well. Every meat grinder needs proper care and maintenance. Do not forget that you spent hard-earned money to purchase it. Therefore, ensure you clean it well to ensure it sees out its lifespan and to offer you high performance. After every use, consider cleaning it and storing under the best conditions possible. When you take care of your grinder, it will in turn take care of you by providing you expertly ground meat